Firm Profile

The firm history dates back to 1994 when Mark Lathem joined the then oldest firm in Richmond Hill, Plaxton and Mann as an Associate and later a partner.  At Plaxton and Mann,  Mark’s area of practice consisted of Real Estate, Business and Corporate Law and the firm primary area of practice which was Wills and Estates Matters.

In 1999 after establishing one of the largest real estate practices in Richmond Hill and gaining a reputation for being able to handle difficult transactions, Mark established the current firm.  Mark was quick to welcome new Canadians as clients and in 1999 became one of the main law firms of choice for members of the Russian Speaking Community by maintaining Russian speaking staff.  

The firm was one of the first established Canadian firms in the core of the old Richmond Hill community to welcome new Canadians as clients of all backgrounds. As a result Mark’s clientele included many different groups of new Canadians that are found within Richmond Hill.  Mark is very happy to have set a trend that most of the other firms have since followed.


Mark’s philosophy which is reflected by all members of the staff towards new Canadians emphasises the need to spend time with them and take on the role as legal advisor and educator.  His philosophy is the time spent with clients explaining Canadian Legal and Tax rules is never wasted and is a valuable investment both for the firm and the clients.

Today the majority of the firms clients are new Canadians with over 50% coming from the Russian speaking community and at least 25% from other language groups.  The firm has developed a particular expertise in the legal needs of this community, many of which maintain an active connection with family and business in their country of origin.  This includes translation and special arrangements for documents executed either out of the country or to be used overseas.